Cubicles can be Anything you Need Them to Be

Cubicles can be Anything you Need Them to Be.

Cubicles Can Be Anything You Need Them to Be

Modular Office Cubicle Sales, Installation, Design & Moving Services

Many organizations who contact Cubiture are actively comparing the value of cubicles to traditional Desking Options.. Having discovered that open concept offices rarely work in the real world as well as they do in the realm of ideas, they immediately begin to explore office space plans that offer a more private environment for sales professionals and customer service representatives. Open-concept offices are great for building that feeling of teamwork that popular myth loves to promote. That is, they are great until 3 or 4 people attempt to make business phone calls all at once, and everyone’s conversation begins to bleed into the next in the background.


Call Center Cubicles – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage

Call Center Cubicles – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage.

Call Center Cubicles

Call Center Cubicles

Get a Cubicle Designed With the Call Center Professional in Mind!

Until April 15th, Cubiture is running a special on used telemarketing / call center cubes.  

We have extended our Used Call Center Cubicles sale indefinitely…Call 713-412-0900 for availability….Prices start as low as $299.00 for used, “as-is” telemarketing cubicles. 



Office Furniture Products desks, office chairs, conference tables

Office Furniture Products desks, office chairs, conference tables.

Our Products


Cubiture offers your business multiple office furniture products and office cubicle options that are specifically targeted toward differing sizes of businesses and varying levels of budget tolerance. 

Over the years, we have worked with clients in literally hundreds of businesses and supplied cubicle systems and office furniture products to organizations of all sizes. Additionally, we have evolved to a point that we can accommodate any phase of growth within an organization’s individual business cycle.#oldsite/our-products,#oldsite/our-productshouston


Our Team – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage

Our Team – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage.

Our Team

Jerry Mogyorody

The Cubiture team consists of a group of dedicated sales and design professionals committed to making your business work better with better office furniture and office cubicle systems.

Are you looking for products that will actually serve your interest as well as filling out your floor space? If so, look no further than Cubiture for complimentary site planning, multiple style and furniture options, and solutions that stay within budget tolerance for your corporate initiatives.

Jerry is our company owner who takes a dedicated, empathetic, hands-on approach to leadership and sales. Jerry makes it a point to actively meet and engage customers so they can directly benefit…#oldsite/our-team,#oldsite/our-teamhouston

Our Office Furniture Design Process Develops Individualized Workspaces

Our Office Furniture Design Process Develops Individualized Workspaces.

Our Process


What sets Cubiture apart is not the cost-free nature of complimentary site planning, but rather the amount of time and the level of attention that we devote to customizing your office furniture design and office cubicle systems.

Considered from this vantage point, the term “complimentary” expands beyond its basic function as a synonym for free. From a designer’s perspective, it refers to an office furniture design that truly compliments workflow requirements and personal employee needs at every stage of business process.#oldsite/our-process,#houstonoldsite/our-process

Office Furniture Systems and Personalized Cubicle Designs by Cubiture

Office Furniture Systems and Personalized Cubicle Designs by Cubiture.

About Us

 Cubiture New & Used Cubicles & Office Furniture Systems


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ML103 Conference Room Furni

Typically as well, we can design layouts for office furniture systems more quickly than other companies—in a matter of 3 or 4 business days on the average. We also have a larger range of services, including storage, fabrication, custom millwork, and commercial moving. We also offer a greater range in office cubicle system customization and office furniture color and fabric choices. Finally, with lead time directly controlling production time, we are not limited in time frame.#oldsite/about-us,#houstonoldsite/about-us

Recycling & Buying Back – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage

Recycling & Buying Back – Cubicles – Office Furniture – Office Storage.

Recycling & Buying Back

Recycling and buy back differ from liquidation.

Whereas office cubicles and furniture that are liquidated either end up being sold or donated to a third party, recycled furniture is basically material that has outlived its usefulness and needs to be disposed of. However, just because an item is disposed of does not mean it needs to be discarded. Recycling represents a much more sensible alternative to simply throwing old furniture in the trash. It not only helps to landfill volume, it also provides raw material for the manufacture of new furniture. On both levels, it offers any organization a green alternative to outright disposal.#recycling-buying-back,#houstonrecycling-buying-back

Office Furniture Repair – Custom Maintenance Plans Beyond Warranty

Office Furniture Repair – Custom Maintenance Plans Beyond Warranty.

Office Furniture Repair

Office Furniture Repair & Refurbishing Services Houston, TexasOne of the most important services we offer is office cubicle and office furniture repair. Like anything else, office furniture can be damaged accidentally. It can also deteriorate through normal wear and tear.  Procrastinating repairs on damaged work areas and/or components can lead to diminished functionality which can have a negative impact on productivity and security.

Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • lateral filing cabinets
  • locks
  • keys
  • hanging rails for cabinets.
  • drawer guides.
  • flipper doors
  • light fixtures and light assemblies
  • light bulbs
  • keyboard trays
  • pencil drawers

While all office furniture comes with some kind of manufacturer’s warranty, these warranties are often limited in scope and last for only a short period of time. From a purely fiscal perspective, it is always best to protect your investment with additional maintenance services.#repair-warranty-maintenance,#houstonrepair-warranty-maintenance

Office Design Layout Drawings Establish Work Space and Work Flow

Office Design Layout Drawings Establish Work Space and Work Flow.

Site Planning

Office Furniture Consultation

Admittedly, a free office design layout is somewhat standard to our industry. Almost every company like ours offers some sort of free drawing that accompanies an office furniture systems or office cubicles quote.

However, many competitor office design layouts are rather generic—developed from an almost plug-and-go perspective.#complimentary-site-planning,#houstoncomplimentary-site-planning


Office Furniture Liquidation Benefits include Reduced Costs and Taxes

Office Furniture Liquidation Benefits include Reduced Costs and Taxes.



Office furniture liquidation adds value to corporate relocations, remodeling, and building expansion.  Changes in either floor plan or location require changes to departmental workspaces and individual work areas.  While we would assume such changes typically require purchasing new furniture, they often require eliminating existing furniture as well.#liquidation,#liquidationhouston,houstonliquidation